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Plant Science Faculty, Instructors, and Staff
Name Title E-mail Phone/Location
Alexopoulos, John Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture john.alexopoulos@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1941

YNG RM 131

Auer, Carol A. Professor of Plant Physiology carol.auer@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1878

ABL 202A

Berkowitz, Gerald A. Professor of Horticulture gerald.berkowitz@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1945

ABL 302C

Brand, Mark H. Professor of Horticulture mark.brand@uconn.edu

(860) 486-2930

ABL 202B

Elliott, George C. Associate Professor of Horticulture george.elliott@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1938

YNG RM 105

Ellis, Donna Senior Extension Educator donna.ellis@uconn.edu

(860) 486-6448

ABL 220C

Guillard, Karl Professor of Agronomy karl.guillard@uconn.edu

(860) 486-6309

YNG RM 106

Henderson, Jason Associate Professor of Turfgrass Science jason.henderson@uconn.edu

(860) 486-0189

YNG RM 112

Inguagiato, John

Assistant Professor

Turfgrass Pathology


(860) 486-0162

YNG RM 115

Kuzovkina, Julia Associate Professor of Ornamental Horticulture jkuzovkina@uconn.edu

(860) 486-3438

YNG RM 130

Legrand, Ana Assistant Extension Professor (Entomology) ana.legrand@uconn.edu

(860) 486-0869

ABL 320E

Li, Yi Professor of Horticultural Biotechnology; Director and Principal Investigator of New England Invasive Plant Center; Head of Transgenic Plant Facility yi.li@uconn.edu

(860) 486-6780

Depot Campus

Hampton Cottage

Lubell, Jessica Assistant Professor of Horticulture jessica.lubell@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1487

ABL 220E

McAvoy, Richard J. Professor of Horticulture

Department Head

(860) 486-0627

ABL 208 |

(860) 486-2925
YNG RM 119

Miniutti, Peter Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture peter.miniutti@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1940

YNG RM 121

Morris, Thomas Professor of Agronomy, Director of the Soil Testing Lab thomas.morris@uconn.edu

(860) 486-0637


Rackliffe, Steven Extension Instructor - Turfgrass Science steven.rackliffe@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1944

YNG RM 135

Schulthess, Cristian P. Associate Professor
of Soil Science

(860) 486-1943

YNG RM 129

Schwab, Kristin Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture kristin.schwab@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1947

YNG RM 125

Stahl, Paula Assistant Extension Educator in Residence paula.stahl@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1215


Wang, Huan-zhong Assistant Professor of Plant Molecular Biology huan-zhong.wang@uconn.edu (860) 486-4443 ABL 302D
Westa, Mark Associate  Professor of Landscape Architecture mark.westa@uconn.edu

(860) 486-6069

YNG RM 124

Plant Science Instructors
Name Title E-mail Phone/Location
Palmieri, James Instructor -
Floral Art

(860) 486-6000

Floriculture Greenhouse

Plant Science Staff -- Administrative, Floriculture Greenhouse, IPM, Research & Education Facility (Research Farm), Research Assistant Soil Laboratory and Turfgrass Diagnostic Center
Name Title E-mail Phone/Location
Strand, Christine Clerk Typist christine.strand@uconn.edu

(860) 486-3436


Willey, Dorene Administrative Assistant dorene.willey@uconn.edu

(860) 486-5932

YNG RM 119

Floriculture Greenhouse    
Pettit, Nick Greenhouse Manager frederick.pettit@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1951

Floriculture Greenhouse

Brine, Ronald Agricultural Worker I ronald.brine@uconn.edu

(860) 486-1951

Floriculture Greenhouse

IPM Program      
Concklin, Mary Visiting Extension Educator mary.concklin@uconn.edu (860) 486-6449
Ellis, Donna Senior Extension Educator donna.ellis@uconn.edu

(860) 486-6448

ABL 220C

Legrand, Ana IPM Cooridinator,
Assistant Professor in Residence

(860) 486-0869

ABL 320E

Plant Diagnostic Center    
Joan Allen Extension Educator joan.allen@uconn.edu

(860) 486-6740

Research & Education Facility    
Vose, Scott Lead Agricultural Worker  

(860) 486-8519

Research Farm

Olsen, Stephen J. Research Farm Manager stephen.olsen@uconn.edu

(860) 486-8519

Research Farm

Tormey, Gregory Lead Agricultural Worker gregory.tormey@uconn.edu

(860) 486-8519

Research Farm

Wright, Todd Lead Agricultural Worker  

(860) 486-8519

Research Farm

Research & Extension Assistants    
Kopysinski, Nick Agricultural Worker

ATL Greenhouses

Soil Nutrient Analysis Laboratory    
Morris, Thomas
Director of Soil Testing Laboratory

(860) 486-0637

WB Young, RM 116B

Pettinelli, Dawn Manager of Soil Testing Laboratory dawn.pettinelli@uconn.edu

(860) 486-4274

Depot Campus

Union Cottage

Tyser, Deborah Lab Technician deborah.tyser@uconn.edu

(860) 486-4274

Depot Campus

Union Cottage

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Turfgrass Diagnostic Center    
Inguagiato, John Director of Turfgrass Diagnostic Lab john.inguagiato@uconn.edu


WB Young, RM 115

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