What We Do

Our department focuses on cutting edge research, real world experience with industry, and the latest teaching tools. Faculty and staff excel in the areas of teaching, research, and outreach education to design and manage sustainable landscapes, restore natural habitats, and maintain healthy soils.

Promote sustainable recreation areas and agricultural lands

AlexopoulosGuillardHenderson, Inguagiato, Legrand, McAllisterMiniutti, Morris, PettinelliRackliffe, Schulthess, Westa

Enhance the use of plants to solve environmental problems

Alexopoulos, Brand, Ellis, Guillard, Kuzovkina, Li, Lubell, McAvoy, Schwab, Wang

Plan and design sustainable built environments

Henderson, Kuzovkina, Lubell, Miniutti, SchwabWesta

Develop healthier local foods

AllenAuer, Berkowitz, Brand, Concklin, McAllisterMorris

Improve plant health through pest management

AllenConcklinEllis, Inguagiato, LegrandPettinelli

Delve deep into plant biology

Auer, Berkowitz, Li, McAvoy, Wang

Engage communities for a sustainable future