A history of the Department beginning with the establishment of the Connecticut Agricultural College in 1881.  Read how the department evolved from the early programs of Agronomy and Horticulture to become the multi-disciplinary entity it is today. 
In the spring of 1953, the UConn Horticulture Club launched their "Plant a Dogwood Day" project.  The idea was to beautify the area around Mirror Lake, which was quite bare and in need of landscaping.  The club project involved planting small dogwood trees around the pond, with support from numerous campus organizations defraying the expense of purchasing the plant material. The project was a lasting gift to the University, as we see each spring with the lovely display around the lake.
The photos are from an album given to Louis Marschat upon his retirement in 1962 after 41 years of service with the Department of Plant Science.
A collection of photographs which, on occasion, are found in someone's drawer, a forgotten cardboard box or perhaps brought in by an emeritus.
List of plant introductions by members of the Department of Plant Science.
Oldest continually operating official National Weather Service (NWS) station in Connecticut