Kristin Schwab
Landscape Architect
Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture
University of Connecticut
Department of Plant Science
Program of Landscape Architecture
1376 Storrs Rd., Unit 4067
Storrs, Connecticut 06269

Telephone: (860) 486-1947
Fax: (860) 486-0682


Iowa State University, Master of Landscape Architecture, 1994

University of California at Davis, Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 1983



Associate Professor, University of Connecticut   2004-present; Landscape Architecture Program Coordinator, 2005-06, 2007-2010

Assistant Professor, University of Connecticut, 1998-2004

Adjunct Professor, Iowa State University, 1995-1997

Professional Practice:

Kristin Schwab/Landscape Architecture, Des Moines  IA & Mansfield CT, 1993-2010

Kimball Chase Company, Portsmouth NH, 1987-1990

Callander Associates, San Mateo CA, 1985-1987

Richard Murray Associates, Carmel CA, 1984-1985

Professional Registration:

Licensed Landscape Architect, State of Connecticut, License #982

Council of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards (CLARB) certification #3223


George A. Yarwood Award for Outstanding Service to the Profession, Connecticut Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects, 2011

Provost’s Award for Program Excellence in Public Engagement, University of Connecticut, 2011

Merit Award for Landscape Architectural Research, Connecticut Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects, 2010

Environmental Leadership Special Recognition/ University Faculty, University of Connecticut, 2007


My teaching program has covered a wide range of the professional landscape architecture curriculum:  technical subjects, design, graphics and written exploration of environmental design theory and trends.  My particular interests in writing, drawing and sustainable design find their way into most courses I teach.  My approach to teaching landscape architecture has been to try to effectively scaffold theory and application, exposing students to important knowledge and concepts and helping them to incorporate these into their own design thinking and approaches.  I integrate a significant service-learning component with some of my teaching activities, which has resulted in dozens of design assistance projects that benefit both the students and Connecticut communities in need of landscape planning and design vision.

Current Courses:

LAND 4440 Landscape Architecture Design: Community Planning & Design, 5 credits

LAND 2110 Landscape Architecture Graphics: Design Drawing, 4 credits

LAND 3230W Landscape Architecture Theory: Sustainable Planning & Design, 3 credits

LAND 4330 Landscape Architecture Construction: Planting Design, 4 credits

Master’s Level Independent Study in Landscape Architecture

Bachelor’s Level Independent Study in Landscape Architecture

Previous Courses:

LAND 3310 Landscape Architecture Construction: Materials & Methods

LAND 3430 Landscape Architecture Design: Program Development

UConn First Year Experience: The Great American Lawn (team taught w/turf faculty)

LAND 3320 Landscape Architecture Construction: Site Engineering

LAND 2120 Landscape Architecture Graphics: Design Communication

Independent Study: 15+ students on a variety of topics

Internship Supervision: faculty advisor for students in professional office internships

Current Master's Level Graduate Student:

Rachel Gilroy; studying urban sustainability and community participatory design models


My scholarly activity combines original and applied research in the area of sustainable environmental design and community planning.  Case study research that analyzes design and planning methods and outcomes is a widely recognized need in the development of the landscape architecture profession’s theoretical framework.  The bridging of planning-level landscape sustainability with the concerns of site-scale design is the focus of my recent collaborative study of six national exemplars of sustainable site design, published as part of Wiley and Sons’ sustainable design series of professional resource books. 

The innovative application of theory and development of new methodologies through creative design and planning projects is another important scholarly contribution to be made in academic practice. Meeting the planning and design assistance needs of communities throughout the state of Connecticut reveals new avenues for research and also fulfills the Land Grant mission of the University.  To this end, projects pursued both through UConn’s Community Research & Design Collaborative and as integrated student service-learning through my teaching program provide ongoing involvement in the “living laboratory” of physical design and planning. 

Grants/Community Grants-in-Aid:

Greater Hartford YMCA, Camp Woodstock Site Planning, Woodstock CT, 2013

Freedom Green Condominium Association, Landscape Improvements & Management Plan, Mansfield Center CT, 2013

UConn Department of Plant Science & Landscape Architecture, Waxman Dwarf Conifer Nursery Site Programming & Planning, 2013

Town of Mansfield CT Housing Authority, Landscape Improvements for Two Public Housing Sites, 2013

Town of North Stonington CT Planning Department, Parcel Development Alternatives Study, 2012

Town of Hampton CT Conservation Commission, Residential Build-Out Study, 2012

St. Mark’s Church, Landscape Development, Storrs CT, 2012

Town of Mansfield CT Parks & Recreation Department, Community Playground Site Planning, 2012

Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Downtown District Public Spaces Master Plan, 2011

City of Bridgeport CT, Seaside Village Stormwater Bioretention Demonstration Site (w/Yale Urban Ecology and Design Laboratory), 2011

Bauer Park Agricultural & Environmental Center, Site Planning, Madison CT, 2010

St. Paul’s Church, Memorial Garden, Windham  Center  CT, 2009

Glen Ridge Cooperative Housing, Landscape Improvements Plan, Storrs CT, 2009

UConn Research Foundation Large Faculty Grant, Sustainable Design Case Study Research, 2008

Green Valley Institute/Nature Conservancy, Borderlands Community Visioning Project, Killingly CT, 2008

University of Connecticut Research Foundation Small Faculty Grant, Sustainable Design Landscape Design Case Study Research, 2007

Town of Killingly CT Conservation Commission, Cat Hollow Park Planning, 2006

UConn Architecture & Engineering Services, Landfill Park Planning, 2006

UConn Department of Plant Science, Invasive Plant Demonstration Garden, 2006

UConn Architecture & Engineering Services, Route 195 Corridor Study, 2005

Town of Mansfield/ CT DEP Rivers & Trails Program, River Park Site Planning & Design, 2005

Town of Mansfield/CT DEP Rivers & Trails Program, Town Parks System Mapping & Trail Guides,   2005

UConn Summer Undergraduate Research Fund, North Side Neighborhoods Planning & Design, Hartford CT 2004

Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Community Kiosk Design, Storrs CT , 2003

Town of East Hartford CT, Accessible Community Garden Design, 2002

Hartford Metropolitan District, Barkhamsted Reservoir Landscape Restoration Study, 2002

Town of Andover CT, Village Center Planning Study, 2001

UConn Middlesex County Extension Center Sustainable Site Demonstration Planning, 2001

Town of East Windsor CT, Park Planning Study with US Park Service Rivers & Trails Division, 2000

UConn Architecture and Engineering Services, Campus Arboretum Planning, 2000

UConn Architecture and Engineering Services, Campus Arboretum Mapping, 1999 


My extension and service activities are primarily directed both toward my work with communities on landscape and land use planning and design assistance, and toward linking our program with professionals throughout the state and region.  In addition to funded planning and design work with more sustained efforts and applied research goals listed above, the projects listed below have been integrated in undergraduate studio design courses through service learning curricula and professional mentoring partnerships.

Extension - Community Design Service Learning Projects

Sandy Hook Memorial Design for UConn Neag School of Education, 2013

Peace Labyrinth Design for UConn UNESCO Student Ambassadors, 2013

Hartford I-Quilt Site Concepts for City of Hartford with CTASLA Mentors, 2012

Baldwin Plaza Design for City of Bridgeport with CTASLA Mentors, 2012

Stamford Parks Connectivity Study for City of Stamford CT with CTASLA Mentors, 2011

Palmer Arboretum Master Planning, Woodstock CT, 2011

Bridgeport City Hall Plaza Design for City of Bridgeport CT with CTASLA Mentors, 2010

Village Planning Study for Town of Brooklyn CT with UConn Green Valley Institute, 2010

Nature’s Classroom Design for UConn Child Laboratory, 2010

Community Planning Study for Town of Plainfield CT with UConn Green Valley Institute,   2006

Bushnell Plaza Development, Hartford CT,  2002-2006

Gideon Welles Schoolyard Planning, Glastonbury CT , 2005

Commercial District Study for Town of Windham CT with UConn Green Valley Institute, 2005

Community Garden Site Planning for Mansfield Parks and Recreation Department, Mansfield CT, 2005

College Park Master Planning for Hartford City Council, Hartford CT, 2003

Holcomb Farm Learning Center & CSA Outdoor Visitor Facilities Site Planning, West Granby CT, 2003

Courtyard Design Study for UConn School of Family Studies, 2000 

Village Center Design Study for Town of Columbia CT, 1999 

Town Center Design Study for Mansfield League of Women Voters, Storrs CT, 1999

University Service

College of Agriculture & Natural Resources Faculty Council, 2010-present

University Work/Life Oversight Committee, 2012-present

University Environmental Policy Committee, 2005-2012

University Arboretum Committee, 1999-present

Professional Service

UConn/CTASLA Mentor Program Coordinator, 2010-2012

CTASLA Representative, ASLA National Public Awareness Campaign, 2011- 2013

Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, Abstract Reviewer, 2011-2013

CTASLA Executive Board, Member-at-Large, 1998-2000

President, Iowa Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects, 1996-1997                           

Community Service

Town of Mansfield Sustainability Committee, 2011-present

Storrs Cemetery Board of Directors, 2011-present

Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Advertising & Promotion Committee, 2002-present

Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Board of Directors, 2006-2012

Chair, Mansfield Downtown Partnership, Advertising & Promotion Committee, 2010-2013

Mansfield Parks Advisory Committee, 1998-2002 


Abstract Presentations:

Schwab, Kristin. An Integrated Greenway Framework for Campus Green Infrastructure.  Fabos Conference on Landscape & Greenway Planning.  University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2013

Schwab, Kristin.  Measuring Regional Landscape Sustainability for Strategic Planning & Design.  Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Meeting.  Los Angeles CA, 2011

Schwab, Kristin & Claudia Dinep. Assessing Site Sustainability Potentials in the Context of the Regional Landscape of Sophia, Bulgaria.  Joint Meeting of Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture and International Federation of Landscape Architecture.  Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2010

Schwab, Kristin & Claudia Dinep.  In-Site/Out:  Critical Contributions of Landscape Architecture to Sustainable Design.  Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Meeting.  Pennsylvania State University, 2007

Schwab, Kristin  & Kathleen Dorgan.   Community Design: An Urban Landscape Toolbox .  New York Neighborhood Preservation Coalition & Affordable Housing Conference.  Saratoga NY, 2003 

Schwab, Kristin & Kathleen Dorgan .  Community Design: An Urban Landscape Toolbox.  Association for Community Design Annual Meeting. New York University, 2005

Schwab, Kristin. Landscape Sustainability as the Juxtaposition of Change & Stasis.  Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Meeting. University of Guelph, 2000

Poster Sessions:

Schwab, Kristin. UConn’s Landfill Remediation Project: Visioning for an Environmental Education Park .  Connecticut Conference on Natural Resources. University of Connecticut, 2006

Schwab, Kristin & Mark Westa. The Thinking Hand: An Integrated Model for Drawn & Digital Graphic Language Acquisition & Application.  The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Annual Meeting, University of Guelph, 2000

Invited Presentations:

Schwab, Kristin.  Women in the Dirt Panel Discussion.  CTASLA Olmsted Celebration, Bridgeport CT, 2012

Schwab, Kristin.  Community Design Centers: A Planning Model for Urban Forestry.  Connecticut Urban Forestry Council Conference, 2004

Schwab, Kristin.  Invasives from a Landscape Architectural Perspective: More Than Just Plant Selection.  Connecticut Invasive Plant Symposium, 2002


Schwab, Kristin and undergraduate landscape architecture students.   UConn’s Landfill Remediation Project: Visioning for an Environmental Education Park.   Homer Babbidge Library, University of Connecticut, Storrs, 2005.

Schwab, Kristin and Mark Westa.  Dimensions of Landscape Architecture.  Homer Babbidge Library, University of Connecticut, Storrs, 2003.



Schwab, Kristin & Claudia Dinep.   Sustainable Site Design: Criteria, Process & Case Studies for Integrating Site and Region in Landscape Design. John Wiley & Sons.  2010

Book Chapter:

Schwab, Kristin.  Rudy Favretti, Landscape Architect & Author.  Pioneers of American Landscape Design Series. Expected in 2014

Professional Development Curriculum:

Schwab, Kristin.   “Reshaping the Rural Landscape”.  Short Subjects for Design Professionals, Volume II. Fairfax, VA: Landscape Architectural Registration Boards. 1998

Conference Proceedings:

Schwab, Kristin.  “Rural Midwestern Roads: Utopian Byways”.  Selected CELA Annual Conference Papers, Volume VII – Nature & Technology.  Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture. 1995.

Newsletter and Yearbook Articles:

Schwab, Kristin.  LA@UConn Year in Review 2013.  Connecticut ASLA 2013 Yearbook.   

Schwab, Kristin.  Book Review: A Clearing in the Distance.  The Connecticut Landscape Architect.  2012

Schwab, Kristin.  April is Landscape Architecture Month.  UConn Home & Garden Newsletter.  2012

Schwab, Kristin.  LA@UConn Year in Review 2011.  Connecticut ASLA 2011 Yearbook.   

Schwab, Kristin.  Community Design Centers: A Planning Model for Urban Forestry.  The Connecticut Landscape Architect.  2005

Schwab, Kristin.  Best Landscape Graphics References.  The Connecticut Landscape Architect.  2003

Schwab, Kristin.  Best Landscape Construction References.  The Connecticut Landscape Architect.  2003

Project Reports:

Schwab, Kristin.  Mansfield Downtown Green Infrastructure & Public Spaces Master Plan.  Commissioned by Mansfield Downtown Partnership and University of Connecticut, 2012

Schwab, Kristin.  The Borderlands: Killingly Pilot Project for Community Conservation and Development.  For The Nature Conservancy and UConn’s Green Valley Institute, 2008

Schwab, Kristin.  Saville Dam Landscape Area Restoration and Enhancement Plan. For the Hartford Metropolitan District Commission, 2002

Master's Thesis:

Schwab, Kristin.   Theory and Practice of Sustainable Landscape Design: A Case Study of the firm of Steve Martino & Associates.   Iowa State University, 1994.